Marinda Botha

South African Voice Talent



Below you will find a selection of video tutorials from three online courses I have available. I draw on 16 years of international experience and I love to teach.

Courses available are:

I recently spoke at the South African Learning NerdCon. Below are a few snippets of the event, but if you would like FREE access to the 38 min workshop, please click here.



Do you want to become a voice over artist?

Now you may think: “Punctuation marks? What’s that got to do with being a good voice over artist?” Well, it’s very important. So important, that it’s a good thing to try and ignore punctuation as much as possible. What do I mean? Well, as a voice artist, you have “license” to change or ignore punctuation marks, if it will make the flow of your read better. Learn how…



Do you want to learn how to create video content?

Or how to become comfortable performing on camera? How do you connect with your audience?

These days, the digital world seems to revolve around video content. Students prefer to see a video lecture, rather than study from books. Online education has never been in greater demand an it is becoming mandatory for trainers to possess on-camera performance skills.

So, are you ready to step into this world and share your knowledge with your student-base? Well, this would mean recording video lectures. Are you comfortable doing so? Feel you don’t need any guidelines or tips to improve the quality of those videos?Learn how…




Warm up your body and voice for performance!

Are you a public speaker, lecturer or on-camera talent? In need of some exercises the warm up your body and voice for performance?

If you regularly need to speak or teach in front of others, or you need to record videos where you yourself are on-camera, then this course is for you. These series of exercises are geared towards warming up your body for performance, be it a public speaking event you need to do, a voice over gig, or performance on screen or stage. Learn how…


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